Feral Forests ~ Wild Wolves

The following is an account of the Lite Version of Ecchnasi. This version contains all the basic features of the game, and can be played with readily available materials, such as checkered paper and change.

For an account of additional features in the full version, see Full Version.

Also check out the Sample Match!

Game Goal

The goal of the game is to get one of your wolves all across the glade and into the final row, into a space where your opponent can’t defeat it with his/her next move.

Alternatively, a player also wins if he/she manages to defeat all of the opponent’s wolves.

White Win

The white wolves win

Ecchnasi Game Board
Ecchnasi Wolves

* 9x9 game board for the glade

* 18 black pieces for the black wolves

* 18 white pieces for the white wolves




The wolves are arranged in the first two rows on either side of the glade, with each wolf pack occupying one side of the glade. The players decide on a color, and the player controlling the white wolf pack gets to make the first move.

Starting Point

The starting positions


The players alternately move one wolf per turn. Wolves can only  move through and onto either unoccupied squares, or squares occupied by enemy wolves, which are defeated and removed from play. If the player has the opportunity to defeat an enemy wolf, he/she has to do so, even if it puts his/her own wolves in a disadvantageous position.

A lone wolf can move either one square forwards, or one square to the left or right. If he moves onto a square occupied by an enemy wolf, the enemy wolf is defeated.

Single Moves
Pack Moves 1
Pack Moves 2

When multiple wolves are in a row - either vertically or horizontally, the player can move the first wolf in the row multiple spaces forward, left or right - depending on the direction of the row. The number of spaces the player can move the wolf is equal to the number of wolves in the row - although the player can also elect to move the wolf less spaces.

A wolf moved like this does not have to stop if it defeats an enemy wolf. Instead, it may move through the defeated wolf’s space and even defeat multiple enemy wolves in one move.

Pack Capturing 1
Pack Capturing 2

Sample Match

Special Thanks to:

Ellen Emmerich, Peter Schmieja, Robert Siemering,
Wolf Welte

This game was designed by:

Kira Resari, the Once & Future Game Design Fox


Kira Resari Fox Ava

Full Version

The Full Version of the game features the following exciting additions:

  • Terrain Features adding a new dimension to gameplay
  • Random Maps to keep the game fresh
  • Exciting Variants for advanced players
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Sample Match
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