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Kira Resari

The Once & Future Game Design Fox

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The heart of the dream. Kira started developing the world of Ceal during school, and has gradually worked towards making it more perfect. This included several experimental games centered on the universe of Ceal, which helped in refining it.

Kira studied Game Design at the MHMK Munich, and has worked for several years in companies such as Realmforge Studios, HandyGames and MegaZebra in the past. Now he devotes his spare time to make the dream of the world of Ceal come true.

Creating a world is no easy feat, and we’re happy about all the help we can get. If you like the world of Ceal, and feel that you want to contribute to it, don’t hesitate to send us a mail at

Currently, we’re looking for:

  • A graphical artists, to help visualize the world of Ceal
  • A webmaster, to help pimp our online presence
  • Anyone particularly enthusiastic about the world of Ceal

You, too, can be part of the dream

Dreamers Wanted!


Kira Resari


Special Thanks

Andrea Elbrächter

Artur Korsunski

Bernd Wiedemann

Dominik Trieb

Ellen Emmerich

Javier Cabesa

Johannes Hornik

Luisa “Lui” Beierwaltes

Markus Schmidt

Matthias Hornik

Peter Schmieja

Praveen “Prince” Anand

Richard Bräuer

Sebastian "Lutry" Bartels

Siegfried “Siggi” Häckl


Steffen “Arty” Lorenzen

Stephan Schany

Tim Petzold

Thomas Gabriel

Wolf Welte

Wolfgang Ruhland

The Dreamers want to express their most heartfelt thanks to all of the amazing people who have contributed to the Chronicles of Ceal.


Robert Siemering


Kira Resari

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