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Crystal Grid


Board Game

In the World of Ceal, the supernatural power known as Iserial Energy permeates everything. Those who can control it can invoke powerful Iserialogy to perform magical feats. This wondrous energy is provided by Iserial crystals, which must be skilfully arranged in Crystal Grid to unfold their true potential, and allow their wielders to learn powerful Iserialogies.

To do so, they purchase crystals, use them to learn Iserialogies, and increase their income, enabling them to buy more expensive crystals. Clever utilization of the Iserialogies’ various effects are just as important as a good layout of the Crystal Grid, and while planning ahead can be beneficial, the ability to improvise, and turn an unexpected situation to one’s advantage is just as crucial.

Ceal Crystal Grid

Starting arrangement for 4 players

Over the course of a year, divided into 12 months, up to 6 heroes compete to get the best spells, crystals, and ascensions possible. Do you prefer a wide array of elements and Iserialogies? Or would you rather focus on a few powerful Iserialogies? And while some players may prefer  Iserialogies that make themselves stronger, others might take a more offensive approach, actively hindering their opponents.

The features of this amazing game include:

  • 85 different types crystals to build a unique Crystal Grid
  • Over 150 diverse Iserialogies to master
  • 13 powerful Esoteric Iserialogies
  • 12 unique characters from the world of Ceal

End-game situation

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Hero Sheet
Crystal Grid
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Summer Wind
Crystal Water

In Ceal ~ Crystal Seal, the players take control of one of the characters from The Crystal Seal, and strive to become the most powerful Iserialogist over the course of one year.

Kristall Wasser N
Kristall Licht U
Kristall Unterstützung U
Kristall Erde O
Kristall Verstärkung O
Kristall Blitz H
Kristall Flora M
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