The History of Ceal

Ceal is a world of ancient make, with thousands of years of history, and a correspondingly large number of tales to tell. Some of those tales, however, are of particular interest, since they decided not only over the fate of villages or nations, but of entire continents, races, or even the whole world.

This is a short overview of some of the epic tales which have taken place in the history of Ceal.

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The Crystal Seal

~A.N. 1000

Following an ancient prophecy, the Nefilim siblings Bokay and Sylvia set out on an epic quest to free the goddess Nova, who was imprisoned in the Crystal Seal by the villainous Wel a thousand years ago.

Their traveling companions include:

  • Their mentor, the Wind Dragoness Idra
  • A renegade Wel, the gray fox Noah
  • A crusader of the Novean Faith, the Seraph Theres
  • The Sprite twins Lina and Danil
  • And many more!

Together, they travel the world in search of the 12 shards of the Crystal Seal. But their journey is not an easy one. The Wel throw everything they have against them in order to stop them from resurrecting the goddess.

But is their quest truly the holy and righteous mission which the Novean Faith tells them it is? And are the Wel truly evil incarnate? Or is there a greater truth hidden behind all of it?

The Advent Wars

~A.N. 1

Out of the blue, a deity appears in the prospering world of Ceal. However, the inhabitants of the world are not exactly happy to see her. The ensuing conflict marks the end of an era, and the birth of four new species...

The Rays of Iserialogy

~B.N. 700

In a world of science and technology, a mythical creature is found, casting Iserialogy, which was thought to be nothing more than a fairy tale. Nations and scientists or flabbergasted, and a revival of Iserialogy soon follows. However, not everyone is content to use this breakthrough for exclusively peaceful means, and the Great Iserial War that follows leaves scars which will be visible for thousands of years to come...

The Dominion Rule

~B.N. 1800

The species of Ceal are at one another’s throat. The youngest species allies with the third-born against their common oppressors, and together, they ignite a conflict which spreads across the entire globe. Soon the Genocide War is in full progress, and neither side is willing to back down. Their goal: The complete extinction of the other side.

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